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My name is Andrew Muschamp Mckay, I've been building web applications and websites since 1995. After graduating from UVIC Computer Science, while working as a software developer coding away in Objective-C and Java, I registered this regrettably hard to spell and pronounce domain. I've lived, studied, and worked abroad in Japan, China, and elsewhere. You can view my resume for all the sordid details but most people prefer social proof.

Look upon my works ye mighty and despair

Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you.C.G. Jung
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Does love trump five stars? How come not one mention of the love column in all the iTunes and Apple Music reviews?
Nurgla Warshrine
Red Twi'lek cosplay
ZAKU with Colonel Ch
Epic LEGO Star Wars
Sunset over Guilin ~
Warhammer Giant
Buakaw elbow knockdo
Mike Tyson dodges 7
Front Kicks are beco
Grünkful, the forgot
Dining room table ch
How to regain guard,
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King Conan looking a
Bilbo Baggins
Asian Travel Infogra
Chaos Raptor or Chos
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AdiPower Weightlifti

If this webpage doesn't look amazing, try manually resizing your browser window, or try another browser. The HTML validates, Isotope does not render perfectly on every computer every time. I've put too much effort into this homepage, maintaining it for over a decade writing the copy, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. I leverage WordPress, SimplePie, jQuery, jQueryUI, and CodeBird to ensure my homepage is unique and extra snazzy.

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