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For well over a decade I've maintained a links page. It was always handcoded in HTML. This used to be one of the most important features of a home page. Now everyone uses social media to share links and has their own laptop or other device to access the Internet, so maintaining a personal collection of favourite links that is easily accessible isn't really necessary.

I eventually decided to use some programming skills to make this collection more dynamic. I'm also still maintaining my Nurgle-centric collection of miniature painting links, plus (for kicks) I reuploaded a version of this page that predates I was displaying all the links I shared on Twitter here. I had whipped up something using JavaScript, SimplePie, and the Topsy API. But it never worked perfectly and now Topsy wants everyone to pay to use their API, even people who just want to subscribe to an RSS feed. Twitter doesn't even want to support RSS anymore.

If you really want to read what I link to, subscribe to my blog's RSS feed or follow me on Twitter. There are other link curration/aggregation websites and services, I might even build my own again someday... I've built a couple news aggregators, again with SimplePie and PHP plus the omnipresent JavaScript. They might slake your thirst for fresh content.

Static content is so last century. :-)

Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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