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Some of the films I own

I like movies. I once told someone I was a cinephile, they said "that's terrible".

This page used to contain a big list of all the movies I own, but perhaps a more interesting list is some of my favourite films. I put online my film studies essay comparing heroes in Stanley Kubrick's and Werner Herzog's films, people discover it in Google. I've also created an Amazon wishlist of DVDs I'm thinking about adding to my collection. Films are a frequent source of quotations which I'm prone to sharing across the Internet via this mashup. I even sometimes blog about films.

After years of buying and renting movies, I've finally embraced the cloud at least for renting. I still prefer to buy my favourite movies on physical media. I like having them on the shelf. I also like watching the extras at least sometimes. I got an AppleTV and use it to rent new and old movies. This is especially convenient in the time of the Coronavirus. Rentals don't come with extras and you need to spend more on Internet access if you're going to stream everything, then there is the possibility you might wish to be offline. So I'll be keeping my DVDs and Blu-rays but I've gotten rid of most of my VHS cassettes. I don't own a VCR anymore and tape degrades. There are still some movies and TV shows that have never been digitized. Then there are films and albums I've bought on numerous formats. I can digitize my own albums even from vinyl but it is better to have a professional transfer film to digital.

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