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Sam and some of her friends in the UVIC Campus Bar

Samantha Dawn McKay currently lives on Vancouver Island. She's an alumnus of the University of Victoria. She used to live in Tofino BC and worked for a resort there called Tin Wis. She also previously worked at the Kingfisher Resort and Spa and in Switzerland. She speaks good German and has travelled all over Europe, but has settled down, gotten a dog and teaches at a local elementary school.

Sam is second from the left, and has never gotten around to replacing this page with one of her own. However she regularly posts images to Instagram where she has several handles. She now prefers Instagram over Flickr because it is hard to upload to Flickr supposedly and you can't win as much free stuff by liking on that OG photo sharing webiste.

I was encouraged to put up a webpage for her dog Huuna. She used to be a big fan of Pinterest but again seems to prefer Instagram now. She still knits and does other crafts. She once maintained her own blog so you could follow her adventures, now they are documented on Instagram.

Finally, she also brought North a game she learned while working at the Bottle Depot in Victoria, which I have dubbed Wrapadoodle. I think you can buy it in stores now, so I'm not sure what they officially called it.

Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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