Muschamp Rd


When I was thinking of possible domain names to register, I chose this one in part in the hopes that my mother and sister could get some use out of it. My sister is actually an avid internet user and had put up some pages using various free webpage hosts. My mother has become more active online since she started using my old Mac.

In addition to my immediate family there is the possibility of more extended family members putting up content on this domain. There is information about both my Irish and Scottish McKay ancestors including the family reunions, we've had.

As I've put more work into my family tree and researching family history. I even decided to list all the battles my ancestors fought in for the amusement of military historians. Maybe I'll get around to refighting some of them in miniature scale, my ancestors weren't always on the winning side that is for sure.

Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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