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I'm actually a fairly avid reader, though I tend to read in bursts. I try to read a variety of things. I used to read a lot of Sci-fi and Fantasy when I was a kid. I also read comics when I was a kid too. Now I try to avoid derivative genre stuff. I'm still fascinated by futurists though. I read non-fiction as well, I especially enjoy books about music and biographies. I also read history even a spot of philosophy when I can find the gumption. I don't blog about books much.

At some point I got invited to join the Visual Bookshelf App on Facebook. I actually went to my mom's house and looked on various bookcases inputting hundreds of books I'd read over the years. Then I didn't seem to be able to do much with the data, such as display my current reading list in my blog's sidebar, so after learning about Goodreads, I moved my data. Now I have the Goodreads widget on this page recommending some of my favourite books.

Over the years I've collected a large number of quotations from books I've read, magazine articles, websites, emails, song lyrics, and films. After about 15 yeras of posting them online, I finally made a web mashup of my favourite quotations. You should check it out if you're bored or need inspiration.

Although it isn't a novel, I have a one act play online, it is a sample of my creative writing, something I don't seem to have enough time for, but one day hope to pursue with more vigor. It was probably funnier back in 1998, some of the jokes may not have aged well.

Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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