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These models need "touching up"

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Need touch ups

My Nurgle army has gotten so large I never use most of it, many of the models are not currently legal under the current rules. The other problem is the models don't look like they belong in the same squad. I eventually repainted many models and touched up many more. All my old paints are drying out after years in storage so it will be even harder to revise this army once again for the Death Guard Codex.

Some of these models are conversions of loyalists, the others are mostly unaligned chaos models that I have painted in a Nurgle color scheme. The vast, vast majority of these models are out of print, but for the most part they could be fielded in my army with the noteable exception of the models with heavy weapons or anyone with a flamer or a bolt pistol. Last time I stripped and repainted models some changed squads, others became Chaos unaligned.

I previously stripped and repainted some of my out of print Plaguemarine models, stripping paint off takes a little work but especially for one piece metal models is doable. Plastic and multi-part models are likely to suffer a little more wear and tear but they can be whipped into shape. A lot of my rank and file miniatures were recycled some more than once.

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