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Rear of Ork Pain Boy

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Ork Pain Boy Rear

This model isn't painted particularly well, but it was painted a long time ago. ou can see some dry brushing on the metallic arm and skull and the bold pistol. There are also some highlights on parts of his clothing and note the free hand Deathskull Icon on the his back. I'm going to have to repaint at least a couple of these old models just so I can show the before and after.

Now as 2020 approaches and having seen how many unpainted models I own and how many new models have been released I don't want to strip painted models. I think adding a few touchups and highlights is feasible but he scale of models have changed so much in 40K that the old orks and Chaos models even the Space Marines look small compared to the new models. If a model is well painted it doesn't matter but if a model isn't, there is less incentive to field it, at least for me. But once I fielded an army at a tournament which included all the models that had never gone to a tournament that were still in my miniature cabinet.

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