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Large Purple Spaceship

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Large Purple space ship

This is an escort class ship for the game Silent Death. It is called a Fletcher and the rules for it are inthe book "Warhounds". I know because I had to look all this stuff up.

One thing that looked good when painting spaceships is what I called a fade. Where the color fades from light to dark or dark to light. Maybe someone would call this a blend or a gradient. I painted a few ships this way. This model must have got some bad primer as it is all bumpy. This might have been a result of the cold weather. I've lived in apartments in the winter in Ottawa, Calgary, and even Yellowknife so I know what cold air can do to spray primer and sealent. Your only other option is to paint indoors with the windows closed, genrally I went out on a deck, or lacking a deck just outside the front or back door to spray then went back inside to let them dry.

I'm actually back in Calgary and back to painting minis in the winter so I prime outside on the deck then bring the models inside to dry. I'm not sure this is ideal but what are you going to do, go to the garbage room to prime the models?

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