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Slightly blurry Troll

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Slightly blurry Troll

Although the photo is slightly blurry this is a really well painted Troll. My aunt went to England once and brought me back some GW stuff including a single troll. All the stuff the British sold her can't be fielded without buying a bunch more stuff for the most part... When I saw I could have a single troll in my Mordheim gang I had to do it. The scales on the back were painted in entirely different shades of blue from the skin but then I did another wash and a lot of the tone and detail was lost. I learned a valuable lesson about multiple thin washes rather than one heavier wash. It dependes on the color too...

I've never painted another troll, but I have painted some more blue models such as Chaos Sorcerers.

Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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