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NY and Crazy Horse Front

NY and Crazy Horse Front

I went through a period at the end of High School and the start of University where I was hugely into Neil Young. Rob would get people to come up to me at parties and insult Neil Young trying to get a rise out of me. I'm older and wiser now I guess, I rarely go on rampages of unrulyness anymore.

I can really identify with his songs of loneliness, one of his main themes. I don't listen to Neil to much, though I still put on certain songs at certain times. I tend to listen to different albums then I used too. I tend to favour "Everyone Knows this is nowhere" and "Old Ways" now. Some times you need "Tonight's the Night" or some of his more popular works.

I've seen Neil play four times now and I don't feel the need to travel hundreds of kilometres anymore to see him play. His concerts tend to be costly and in large venues, I'd rather go see three or more cheaper shows at more intimate venues anyway so I tend to see lesser known acts now, though sometimes people become famous after I see them, but just as likely they could be less popular then they once were, fame is like that.

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