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Turbonegro Hoodie

Turbonegro Hoodie

I've never seen Turbo live. They were broken up for a while but are back and with bigger promotion then ever. I got into Turbo through the Supersuckers who covered them at a Brickyard show. They said hunt down this band, so while backpacking through Greece I saw a Turbonegro postcard, which I sent to the Supersuckers and I got their best album "Apocalypse Dudes" at a drug store in Nurenburg, as luck would have it.

At first I wasn't blown away, but I took the album home (to Canada) and played it at Thor's house for him and Owen. They were blasse about it, which was odd as they listen to heavier music then me. But after repeated listenings, especially once I got it on my main system, I came to see it for the great rock album (with disturbing lyrics which are part of the fun) that it is! As I'm wont to do, I made it something of a mission to promote them amongst my peers.

The Turbojurgen are legendary, I was invited to the official listening party for the West Coast of Canada for "Scandinavian Leather" were you?

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