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WOW Concert Shirt 2

WOW Concert Shirt 2

Back in University I volunteered at CFUV. I eventually hosted my own show at various times, but I also helped put on a number of shows including two big outdoor W.O.W. shows. The first one with The Odds and The Pursuit of Happiness also had a t-shirt, but someone stole mine out of the laundry room in second year residence.

For this concert I was nominally in charge of front of stage security, but my main contribution to shows seems to be sticking around to the bitter end to tear down things. Some guy after an Ashley MacIsaac show wanted me to work for him in Vancouver. I had his number or card, he was some big Vancouver promoter, but I never pursued my career as a roadie/stage hand. For those considering it as a career, it is not an easy job, it's late nights and a lot of lifting putting up stages and barriers and tearing them down.

I liked the other red shirt better, but it's long, long gone. Now after sitting in a closet at my mom's house for a dozen years or so, this shirt seems a lot cooler. The color has grown on me and how many can there be left in mint condition like mine, so I decided to take it to Japan. I think I've worn it like three times and it seems pretty tight as I continue to gain weight...

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