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Big Sugar (long sleve)

Big Sugar (Long Sleeve)

Big Sugar is in the running for band I've seen the most, especially if you count Gordie Johnson's side projects like Alkaline session, fools on stools and Grady. The fact I got a Grady hoodie before any Big Sugar memorabilia shows I was a poor student or even unemployed a long time, but I worked during the entire pandemic and despite shopping online too much saved enough money to make a down payment on a condo. Big Sugar is back together but the only original member is Gordie and Garry Lowe who is pictured on the shirt has passed away. I still maintain Big Sugar was the loudest band I ever saw at a little club in Victoria, louder than Public Enemy or Queens of the Stone Age who are generally thought of as bigger more famous bands. Big Sugar was quite popular for a few years and toured regularly.

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