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One of my Favourite Quotations

Willie P. Bennett

Willie P. Bennett:

All the friends that I have had,
Or misplaced along the way,
No amount of energy could ever bring them back.
It weighs down on me like a tonne,
And it never was no fun,
But I never meant to do any harm.

Willie P. Bennett (born William Patrick Bennett 26 October 1951 at Toronto, Ontario - died, February 16, 2008, Peterborough, Ontario) was a Canadian folk music singer-songwriter. Bennett was part of the 1970s folk music scene in Canada, alongside figures such as Bruce Cockburn, Stan Rogers and David Wiffen. His early albums were produced by David Essig. The recording engineer for his 1977 album Hobo's Taunt was Daniel Lanois. While commonly regarded as a major talent Read more on