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Sauder MBA at UBC

My time as an MBA student at the Sauder School of Business was quite simply the worst experience of my life. I haven't recovered, I doubt I ever will. Despite supposedly being one of the top students in the program and always going out of my way to help my MBA classmates, some of them decided to deceive me, to use me, and to deliberately, callously and repeatedly hurt me.

My extremely difficult to obtain and totally not worth it, Sauder MBA degree

It is probably still the official position of the Sauder School of Business and the University of British Columbia that I must be lying. I was only ever trying to help someone who repeatedly insisted they were my friend. I attempted to provide evidence to support this assertion as did one or two others, but it had already been decided by Anne DeWolfe before I met with her, that it was necessary for me to be threatened and punished. She also claimed I wouldn't be "negatively affected" by the agreement she forced upon me, or the things people said and did, she further asserted that I could continue to enjoy and benefit from the MBA program after March 17th 2005.

Perhaps the powers that be should check my health records, or my employment records, or my back account since March 17th, 2005, and then look me in the eye and tell me again how I haven't been negatively affected... My classmates used to pretend they were my friends, now they pretend I don't even exist. The passage of time does not alter the facts nor the oppinions of the administration and various members of the class of 2006.

This page used to do well for terms like "Sauder MBA" or "UBC MBA" or "Sauder MBA blog" in search engines and presumeably people from all over the world read it. For the record, I've spent the majority of the years since graduation sick and unemployed. I did not and continue to not receive any support from the Business Career Centre or university staff, they too pretend I do not exist. To put it in the appropriate terminology, I have realized a negative return on my investment of time, effort, and money in the Sauder MBA program and in helping my MBA classmates. The NPV is negative, my whole Sauder MBA experience was overwhelmingly, painfully, soul-scarringly negative.

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