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The story of my name

Muschamp Family Shield

My name is based upon an old family name of Muschamp which has all but died out. Though now a decade after I put up this website, if you Google "Muschamp" you will find plenty of results pertaining to a certain American football coach. Muschamp, is the Anglicization of the original Norman name which was likely pronounced 'Moo-shaaamp'. It originally was "de Muscamp" possibly on account they came from a swampy part of Normandy, hence the shield with three flies rampant. There still may be a castle standing in Barmoor England that originally belonged to the Muschamp family. Scholars and genealogists are still arguing who accompanied William on his invasion of England. History shows no Muschamps in England prior to the invasion, but after the Norman victory they held official titles and were granted lands. Middleton Hall for instance claims to stand on lands that were originally granted to the de Muschamps by the crown after the victory of William the Conqueror. Now you too can stay there, perhaps I'll have to visit someday having been to MacKay Country. The Muschamp name appears in old mediaeval documents including the infamous Domesday Book documenting their ownership of various properties after William's conquest.

Now that is where the name Muschamp originates and this is how it was given to me. My dad wanted to give it to me as my first name, but my mother thought that was a little much. So they compromised and named me Andrew Muschamp Mckay. My dad's and his dad's middle name were Andrew. Andrew is also the Patron Saint of Scotland. However after I was born, my dad being stubborn like myself called me "Muskie". The rest of the family fell in line, the last holdout being my aunt Barbara. I have gone by Muskie as far back as I can remember, and am only Andrew on official forms, such as driver's license, school applications, resume and what not. I've also been "Andrew" at some of my places of employment.

I've done a fair amount of work on my family's genealogy and family tree which can be found on my blog.

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