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Townes Van Zandt (John Townes Van Zandt, born at Fort Worth, Texas, March 7, 1944 and died at Smyrna, Tennessee, January 1, 1997). He was a country and folk singer and poet.While alive, Van Zandt was labelled as a cult musician. Though he had a small and devoted fanbase, he never had a successful album or single, and even had difficulty keeping his recordings in print. Many of his songs, including "If I Needed You," "To Live Is To Fly," and "No Place to Fall" are considered standards of their genre. Read more on

Track Listing:

  1. Our Mother The Mountain
  2. Our Mother The Mountain
  3. Be Here to Love Me
  4. Snake Mountain Blues
  5. St. John the Gambler
  6. Kathleen
  7. She Came and She Touched Me
  8. Tecumseh Valley
  9. Like A Summer Thursday

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