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Slick Rick (born Richard Walters on January 14, 1965 in South Wimbledon, London, England) is an East Coast rapper, known for a series of hip hop recordings during the 1980s. He was blinded by broken glass as an infant and took to wearing an eyepatch from an early age. Walters moved with his family to the Bronx in 1975.Charlie Rock of Harlem World crew was instrumental in Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick being brought together. When Doug requested an introduction after he had seen him win local MC battle contests. Read more on

Track Listing:

  1. Hey Young World
  2. Children's Story
  3. Mona Lisa (Album Version)
  4. Teenage Love
  5. Indian Girl (An Adult Story) [Explicit]
  6. The Ruler's Back
  7. Treat Her Like A Prostitute [Explicit]
  8. The Moment I Feared
  9. Lick The Balls [Explicit]

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