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Shaver is most commonly associated with American singer Billy Joe Shaver, however there are also several other bands with the name Shaver, one of the best known hailing from Kendal, England. - Billy Joe Shaver is an American country music singer/songwriter. He was born August 16, 1939 in Corsicana, Texas. Shaver's 1973 album Old Five and Dimers Like Me is a classic in the outlaw country genre. Read more about Shaver on

Track Listing:

  1. Tramp On Your Street
  2. Georgia On A Fast Train
  3. Heart Of Texas
  4. Tramp On Your Street
  5. Tramp On Your Street
  6. Tramp on Your Street
  7. Tramp On Your Street (Live)
  8. Live Forever

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Other titles by the same dev: "Dirty Ear – Little Doctor Makeover Surgeon" and "Leg Hair - Girls Stylist Leg Shaver." #bodyhorror
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