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The Flying Burrito Brothers were a band which formed in 1968 in Los Angeles, California, United States. The band's original lineup consisted of Chris Hillman (vocals, guitar), Gram Parsons (vocals, guitar), Chris Ethridge (piano, bass) and Sneaky Pete Kleinow (pedal steel guitar). Later members of from the band's initial existence included Eddie Hoh (drums), Jon Corneal (drums), Bernie Leadon (guitar, vocals), Michael Clarke (drums) and Rick Roberts (vocals, guitar). The group originally disbanded in 1972 following Hillman's departure. Read more about The Flying Burrito Brothers on

Track Listing:

  1. Wild Horses
  2. Hot Burrito # 2
  3. Dark End Of The Street
  4. Sin City
  5. Christine's Tune (Devil In Disguise)
  6. Lazy Days
  7. My Uncle
  8. Wheels
  9. Hot Burrito # 1

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【B19 ROCKCLASSICS 】Hot Burrito #1 / The Flying Burrito Brothers

Elis Marchioni

My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Gilberto Gil (7), The Flying Burrito Brothers (7) & Joni Mitchell (5)

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Chicken Mole #Enchiladas at The Flying Burrito Brothers in #NewMarket - tasty but a bit on the sweeter…
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