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Rheostatics were a Canadian indie rock band. Although they had only one Top 40 hit (Claire in 1995), they were simultaneously one of Canada's most influential and most unconventional rock bands in the 1990s, a band whose defiantly quirky, yet compelling, take on pop and rock music has been described both as iconic and iconoclastic. They played their final concert to a sold-out house at Toronto's Massey Hall on March 30, 2007. Sound board recordings of that and many other shows are available (with permission) at Read more on

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I tried to find track listings everywhere, even maybe you can enter that data into their system.

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    Ljuba Lush

    Hearing #Rheostatics - Music is the Message for the first time. It's beautiful. . . @hockeyesque @TheStromboShow


    4. Rheostatics - One More Colour here / all we have here is sky / all the sky is sky blue / all that blue is, is one more colour


    @jakebeleafs You ever listen to Rheostatics? They opened for the hip on the road apples tour. Different style but a…
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