Muschamp Rd

Jandara Ramen

This was one of the last ramen shops I started to frequent in Toyohashi. Another of my students, possibly Chiemi told me of it. She even gave me a map. Map to Ramen Shop This place was a little past e-Jungle. I would go here sometimes instead of another Ramen shop.

This place had a machine you put your money in, then you got a ticket which you gave to a guy at the counter. The guy at the counter then puts the ticket on a hanger in a window to the kitchen. Some of the chefs here were pretty gruff looking which is what you want in a ramen chef. You also had to be able to read Chinese characters pretty well to be able to order here so I took some satisfaction in figuring exactly which buttons I had to press to get what I wanted. You could add fresh garlic and seseame seeds to your ramen to add flavor. Usually when you eat ramen you get a piece of sea weed in your ramen, which I would rarely eat. The other thing that was commonly found in ramen that you often had to pay extra for was half a boiled egg. I have a long history of not eating eggs, due to dispising them.

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