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The Best Ramen in Toyohashi?

One of my students Mai, took me here once. Many of my students agree this is the best ramen shop in Toyohashi. However it is just not reachable from where I lived and worked by bike. I biked all over Toyohashi but this was outside of the areas of town I was familiar with. I learned a lot about ramen when I ate with Mai, before I had to try to figure out the menus on my own. She taught me the oomori extra noodles trick. I tend not to get the extra noodles but I often get the chashumen which is ramen with extra slices of meat.

Eight months after I left Toyohashi, I was able to recollect the name of this place despite only visiting it once. I made a point of asking my students what the best ramen shops in town were. The most common answer I got was Momoyama R. This I confirmed by matching the characters in the picture. There are more characters than just momoyama, but the fact that the characters match my memmory has to be a good sign. Since I'm going to China later this year I have sudden resurgence in interest in learning Kanji or Chinese Characters.

A new source of regional ramen insight and photos in English has emerged.

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