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End of another year approaches

December 1st 2001

Hereby is recorded the lonely demented and poorly spelled ramblings of the infamous Muskie McKay. I use infamous in the Steve Martin sense of the word of course. Within these pages I hope to record thoughts and observations over the next 13 months because it is such an auspicious number.

I dedicate these writings to Jesus's brothers: James, Simon, Jude and Thomas. Mostly because I am reading the Messianic Legacy right now but a watchful eye from above couldn't hurt if one is of this particular faith.

This book should envelope my time in Oregon which I can't say I'm looking forward too. It should also encompass my triumphant return to Europe though I intend to keep my ass riding to a minimum. I will likely have a second volume to cover those months.

My hope with this book is that by recording my thoughts and observations down honestly they will be used against me in a court of law or in a medical inquest concerning my sanity. Everyone deserves the right to have their own words come back to haunt them.

I also hope over the next 13 months to come to some conclusion concerning the three J's. And I'm not referring to Jesus, James and Jude/Judas.

Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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