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Steve and I drinking

Steve and I drinking

This was at the Enthuze benefit concert where Marlene played. Some times Steve drinks so much, even photos of him are blurry. This was before my recent personal problems, back when I could flash the horns of the devil and mean it. Now nothing seems to help me, not music, not the Evil Powers of Rock n' Roll, not even Satan. I still have excellent taste in t-shirts, Marlene's friend Steve not the Steve pictured complimented me on my 1997 HORDE tour t-shirt.

The blond girl kneeling between us, is another classmate, Darlene MacNeil. Last I heard she was single, so if there are any lonely guys out there surfing the internet late at night, and there always are you can visit her blog and leave a comment I guess. Tell her Muskie McKay sent you, that is sure to earn you a few brownie points.

Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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