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Original Space Orks

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Original Space Orks

These are two of the first five Games Workshop models I ever painted. They are original lead Space Orks from a box of 18 that was released back in the Rogue Trader days. They are painted as Blood Axes and the only colours I had were those that came in the Ork versus Eldar paint set plus black and Waarrgh Green Ink. I also had smelly primer. I didn't quite grasp things like dry brushing and layering and my attempts at highlights were often too subtle or not subtle enough. I also sealed the models with a sealant that was too glossy. I don't know when but someday I will probably completely repaint some of these old models others will just get highlights and touch ups. This army is so old it hasn't even been fielded since the second edition of the rules.

I wanted to post a picture of these models online so people could see the old figs but also so people can see the progress I have made. The next model in this gallery was the most recently painted model, though not necessarily the best paint job, I had available. It was done during one of the breaks in my MBA program, I painted it in my dorm room at UBC. So it would have been painted in 2005.

Taking a page from Thor Gammon I named every model in my first Games Workshop army. This helps in determining targeting, especially back when the rules were more complicated and the armies were smaller. Now I only name the characters and champion models and I don't paint their names on their bases. This squad were all named after crew members of the Red Dwarf.

It is now 2019 and I finally returned to painting miniatures. I have no plans or even estimates for when I'll get to painting Space Orks unless I do some for Kill Team. I'm going to play some GW skirmish scale games in 2020 starting with Warcry then Necromunda. I do want to play Kill Team and 40K again but as always I will focus first on my Nurgle army then likely on regular Chaos Space Marines then a new edition or two of the rules will come out and I'll have to start all over again updating my old army.

Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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