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Night Goblin Color Schemes

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Night Goblin Color Schemes

As part of painting up a Mordheim gang to use in our campaign I experimented on some of the many Orks and Goblins I owned but never had painted or even assembled in most cases. I tried four color schemes, in the end I opted for black with purple flames and black with blue flames as I think it looks eviler. Everyone else does yellow or red or orange flames. I tried it and I thought blue and purple looked better.

I had two Warhammer boxed sets worth of (Night) Goblin archers (plus more!) and I decided to break them into two units, a big unit and a bigger unit. I also had enough command and fanatics to max out points wise. Despite getting some help and encouragement I was dismayed to learn that literally hundreds of Goblins isn't even a 1000 points. I've never finished basing them or adding shields which are now mandatory for Goblins with shields... I did fix up the base coating job a little and I believe added some highlights to the front couple of ranks. Fantasy armies just are not as fun to paint as 40K armies, it is enough work already without having 60 models exactly the same to paint.

I hope to finally get a legal 1000 point Warhammer fantasy army finished but maybe not before they release a new version of the rules. The army list shouldn't change for awhile but I'm not the fastest painter and I don't even have much motivation or anyone really to play with.

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