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(Savage) Ork Shaman

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Ork Shaman

This is an old Savage Ork Shaman model I painted up and used in my Mordheim gang. I didn't do any tattoos and figure he is fine for a regular Ork Shaman model. When I originally got talked into playing Gobbos and Orks I was suppose to have a unit of Savage Ork Boar Boys with a Shaman, unfortunatly GW didn't make those models and they barely even had enough Boar Boys in the Vancouver (Gas Town) store to sell me an entire unit. I still got all those models they never got painted, I started on the boars, the riders, well some of them, have bows which is no longer an option and they look really small compared to the newer models...

This model may make an occasional appearence in my Warhammer Army but I have no plans to field a unit of Savage Orks let alone boar boys. At least GW finally made some models for this popular option. Supposedly the Ork and Goblin army list will be revised again, just when I get around to coming up with an army list to use the vast majority of stuff I own already... I've decided since I own piles of Goblins I'll do a Goblin army with some orks. To that end expensive ork units like Boar Boys are not a painting priority, rank and file Goblins are.

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