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Skaven Bloodbowl Player

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Skaven Bloodbowl Player

I painted my entire Skaven Bloodbowl team as a row of models 14 strong I seem to recall plus I did the Rat Ogre at the same time. The reason I play Skaven in Bloodbowl is because no one had tried that team out yet in my gaming group. I wanted to play orks and I did have an ork team but I never bought any models for it. I just used someone else's orks. We had so many Bloodbowl teams, I think I painted almost every special player too, generally as gifts every year for Christmas. I don't know who has all those models, everyone's Bloodbowl stuff, but mine, used to stay at Owen's house. I know he once asked me if I still have my original team roster, I do. He appears to have lost all the other teams. Bloodbowl may be GW's best game ever.

I eventually painted more even older and more OOP Skaven Bloodbowl players, now I am going to do a Warcry gang and an Escher Necromunda gang after all these years. I think the smaller scale games are more realistic especially for someone with limited time and space.

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