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Skaven Lineman

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Skaven Lineman

This is one of the original Skaven Bloodbowl players. I traded for a whole team worth of the out of print models to augment my team with. I painted them over a number of years in a number of locales including: Ottawa, Victoria, and Vancouver. I've gotten better at keeping the colors consistent, it really helps that the paint color you or using doesn't go out of print. This happened and is a big reason why my Nurgle Army doesn't match so well. I also did a lot of experimenting on my Nurgle Army.

The other thing that has really changed over the years is the size of the models. This Skaven model is smaller than the ones released to replace it when the next edition of the game came out. But both of them I suspect are a lot smaller than the current multi-part plastic Skaven. Buying and painting more Bloodbowl models is not in the plans for 2020, I will focus on my main army and two other GW skirmish games: Warcry and Necromunda.

Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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