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Bloodbowl Rat Ogre

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Bloodbowl Rat Ogre

This model was painted along with the rest of boxed set of Skaven Bloodbowl players. It was the most flesh I had painted up to that point so I experimented a bit. I don't remember what I used probably Dwarf Flesh and Flesh Wash, really old pots of both. I probably used some Beastial Brown and/or Snakebite Leather in the process.

Now I have many many pots of flesh colored paint. Not that I paint human flesh often, but it is one way to seperate yourself from the average painter to do a good job on the face. The old GW Flesh Wash lets me down, I recently bought something called Army Painter Strong Tone which I'll have to try out on a model, most likely a Nurgling. I once painted a set of miniatures each with a different skintone for an online miniature painting contest.

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