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Murder By Death

Murder By Death

Over the last few years Murder By Death has become one of my favourite bands. But I was living in Asia so could not see them. When I finally moved back to North America I was disappointed to see their tours come no where near Calgary, but then Covid-19 came and tours were cancelled. They asked their fans to buy up their merchandise so I of course got a t-shirt. All my other Murder By Death purchases have been digital. I just checked not one CD and no vinyl either. For a while I was all about iTunes which isn't even called iTunes anymore. I buy tracks and albums from other online stores too, but I store everything I can in iTunes Match this allows me to travel with a large music collection on a single small Apple device. I need to rip all my CDs and records but that is time consuming, it is definitely easier to buy online during a pandemic.

I took the shirt straight out of the packaging and took the photo. It has never been worn, maybe I'll replace this image with another once the shirt is less wrinkly. Alas updating websites is getting harder and harder and seems less and less important, only spammers seem to care these days.

Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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