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Murder by Death long sleeve t-shirt

Yet another Murder by Death T-shirt

So I still haven't seen Murder by Death. I did look into flying to Seattle, Vancouver or Portland, but no one else seemed to want to make the pilgrimage and they play Vancouver on a Wednesday. I've seen a lot of shows in Vancouver mid-week, but it was always a hard sell so I often went alone, then just walked home to the apartment I rented on Drake. Now I live in Calgary and Murder by Death isn't coming to Calgary in 2023, but they do play Toronto later this year, so maybe I'll see them yet in 2023.

Regardless I did order their newest album of covers "As we wish" and this is the t-shirt they made to promote it and lets face it, it's a cool t-shirt and a long sleeve too. So I did order both, but unlike Lucero or Cory Branan the t-shirt appears to have shipped first, so I've only listened to the album on Apple Music, but that is generally how I listen to music these days but I keep pre-ordering records and buying shirts to support artists. So maybe in 2023 or 2024 I finally just fly into see a show by the bands I'm into lately that never seem to come to Calgary.

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