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Lucero long sleeve t-shirt

Lucero long sleeve t-shirt

Lucero is one of the first bands I got into through Apple Music. I may have had one of their songs on a compilation CD from back in the day, but I'm not sure. But after becoming a paid Apple Music subscriber and not just an iTunes Match subscriber I got access to all sorts of music and custom playlists. One I played a lot was alt-country essentials and through that I got introduced to or just got to hear a lot more music, like other music I already liked. Other currated playlists by Apple have been more hit and miss, but they also have smart ones so that fans of say Cory Branan may also like Lucero, that might have been how I first started listening to them.

Like a lot of bands I've gotten into in recent years, I have yet to see Lucero play live though I've watched plenty of YouTube videos. Now that COVID-19 is somewhat controlled I looked into flying to see shows by bands that haven't come to Calgary in years, however money is also growing scarce in 2023, so perhaps less shirts and more saving for a trip to Memphis.

Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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