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Cory Branan T-shirt

Cory Branan T-shirt

Cory is another former Bloodshot Records artist who I got into from their samplers which you would get when you ordered CDs from them online. Samplers from record lables and magazines was how you got into music for a while, now there are algorithms and playlists and social media. Cory is on a new record lable now and I pre-ordered his latest LP and got this t-shirt as part of the package.

I haven't gotten to see Cory or most of my Bloodshot favourites live, they rarely if ever came to Vancouver Island Canada or China or where ever I was living at the time. Now my financial situation is better so I'm thinking of traveling to see shows, I almost went to Seattle again in 2022 to see a Bloodshot band again, but it is hard to find people who care as much about music as me.

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