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Another Murder By Death T-shirt

Another Murder By Death T-shirt

I now have three Murder By Death t-shirts but have yet to see them play live. This is a result of living abroad for so long and then COVID-19. Now I live in Calgary which doesn't get near as many tours as Vancovuer, Toronto, or Montreal. Even Edmonton gets more big shows because their hockey rink is newer and nicer. The UFC and NBA go to Edmonton they don't come to Calgary. MBD doesn't really do stadium shows which is fine by me, they pledged to tour Canada in 2023 so hopefully I'll get to finally see them, either that or I'll follow through and travel South to see more shows.

They are another former Bloodshot Records band. I tried to order more of their material before Bloodshot became part of a private equity fund, but even though they said they were honoring orders until all the product was gone, I and others did not get our last order, the new owners eventually PayPal'ed me a refund over a year later.

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