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Andrew Muschamp McKay maintains this webpage hence the hard to spell domain. My original homepage was hosted by UVIC from 1995 until 2002 at Over the years it seems almost too much information about me has appeared online. If you just want the facts you can view my resume. I'm actively looking for a new opportunity to start 2019. If you prefer social proof I've diligently maintained a WordPress blog for over a decade, branching out to write more on painting miniatures and opening a brewpub.

Do not contact me if you want me to change a link on one of my webpages to point towards an article you just wrote. I will mark your email as spam. I assure you if your website was cool, I would have linked to it back in the 90's.

However, if you like your witticisms to be 140 280 characters or less I suggest you follow me on Twitter @MuskieMcKay. If reading is hard and you're feeling aspirational might I suggest Pinterest. I remember when people used to brag about their slashdot join date not their social media followers and of course your Google PageRank used to be a big deal in SEO circles. Perhaps people are more than a number.

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