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During my third lengthy period of post-Sauder MBA unemployment I made a bunch of web mashups using PHP and various APIs and web services. I used PHP as I knew it was available on my webhost, I'm not the world's biggest fan of PHP, there are better options available, I no longer recommend using this code. I neglected it so long and so many APIs changed that many of the mashups stopped functioning. What can I say I finally got a job plus I was busy being a CFA® Candidate.

Although in 2021, a lot of code stopped working as the various APIs took away functionality I relied on. I decided to remove Facebook, BestBuy and Amazon. So much time and effort went into this, but I just don't want to maintain all this code for free, the only thing I really care about is the quotation collection still works as I like to tweet quotations, so I will try to fix just enough so that functions reliably again.

Mashups in Chronological Order:

  1. My CD Cover Gallery
  2. My CD Collection Browser
  3. My Random CD Mashup
  4. My Favourite Songs Mashup
  5. My Favourite Film Mashup
  6. My Favourite Quotations Mashup

If you want to make web mashups you still want to use my code, It is unsupported and definitely provided 'as is'. To use the entire codebase you probably need to travel back in time, you will definitely need to get some other PHP working and get permission to use the following APIs. My code needs updating as many of the APIs have changed their policies in the last decade.

APIs I Previously Used

Additional Code I used

Finally older versions of my code are still on just in case... You should use the version in the GitHub repository over what I link to below:

Some of This Code Still Works!

APIs keep changing, audio previews of songs are harder than ever to come by, Rotten Tomatoes seems to have taken away the large movie posters. And something else seems to have gone wrong to start 2019, Amazon may have finally denied me access to their API as I don't generate enough sales for their liking.

YouTube has moved to v3 of their API, I tried to make it go but could not in a short period of time. I keep spending my supposedly valuable time fixing PHP code, even though I am not a large fan of PHP. More and more of runs on PHP even my revised super snazzy homepage. Somewhere deep in this codebase are functions originally written by Gaya Kessler, which I and others apparently have permission to use.

Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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