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Writing Samples

Although this entire website including the major subdomains could be considered 'writing samples', the nature of the web and the fact that this is a personal website which is often hastily assembled, results in more than a few typoes, spelling mistakes, and grammar faux pas sneaking through. Sometimes the content itself is more than a little dubious. This page attempts to give a more representative example of my writing ability, alas I think my writing devolved for a while and now I think the quest for #Instafame has caused me to consciously write differently at times.

These samples date from the entire time I've maintained a personal homepage. This includes the completion of two university degrees as well as several years as a working professional. I've tried to assemble a varied collection including papers from history and film studies classes. I've included the only one stage play I've ever written as well as a paper I wrote about Baidu for my Managing Global Innovation class at Tsinghua University in China. I've even linked to some software documentation for a now open-sourced project that I worked on while at Global Village Consulting.

Originally I converted the documents by hand from Microsoft Word documents, but search engines are fully capable of indexing Word as well as HTML. Lately I've compromised by using PDF. It is less proprietary and produces smaller files than Microsoft Word and through the power of Mac OS X takes no effort to produce from the original Word document. It also looks professional, possibly more so than hand written HTML.

Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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