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The Final Email (from Canada)

June 5, 2003

When you read this think of the 80's group Europe and keep going
Ta-da taa
Ta-da da da Da
Ta-da taa
Ta-da da da Da

For those who didn't get my first monster email or have really bad short term memory, I Andrew Muschamp McKay am going to Japan.

If you are offended about not getting the first email, you probably haven't heard from me in a long time, nor I from you, so get off your high horse. I located an old address book while cleaning/unpacking and thus am able to harass even more people then last time.

Jeff Higgenson, Sebastian Fortes, and Debbie Van Damn of course I have no way of contacting which I think is a shame as I've tried to track them down more then once in the last few years.

I hope this email reaches people and does not get caught in too many spam filters, I fear my last one may have gotten caught in a few. I hope we all don't have to go with white lists like Dave. Just to be safe I'll try not to use phrases such as "free viagra", "low mortgage rates", and of course "increase bust size" too often.

Just the other day I got an email saying how I could become the woman of his dreams. I'm not sure who "his" refers to.

Enough digression, I've packed up most of my stuff, though I fear I may have to repack to get one bag under the allotted weight allowance. As part of my preflight ritual, I've managed to come down with some sort of flu. I was not able to sleep much due to a high fever and what not the last couple of days. I may be over the worst of it, but it wasn't like I planned to enjoy my trans Pacific flight...

At any moment I'll get a call from my mother to start driving South on the Island highway. Her and my sister are in Victoria for Sam's graduation ceremony. I will be staying in North Vancouver tonight then flying out at 12:50pm tomorrow. I won't have time I'm afraid to see anyone else before I leave.

I do not yet have a mailing address in Japan. As long as I continue to pay I should be reachable at this email address. Though without my fancy spam filtering I'm not sure how I'll sort through all the crap I get efficiently, especially using webmail.

I'll be in Japan for at least a year unless there is a drastic change. I will likely return to Canada on one of my allotted holidays. The other two I'm thinking of going to Korea and to Hokaido currently. I'll be working at a school in Toyohashi that is part of the big AEON chain.

I recently did something with my "vanity domain" (, so y''all can check that out and use up my bandwidth. There should be a picture of me on there somewhere for those who've forgotten what I look like.

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