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Tsinghua, Beijing & You

An account of the first Sauder exchange students to mainland China

MBA exchange students at Tsinghua's Old Gate

This is an updated and expanded edition of Danna Zhu's and Muskie McKay's offical MBA exchange report. It has been "hypertexted" and made available to all internet users so they may benefit from our experiences studying as foreign exchange students at the Tsinghua School of Economics and Management. It will be of most interest to MBA students traveling from Vancouver and the Sauder School of Business as that was its intended audience however much of it is general enough to be of use to anyone coming to Beijing as as a foreign exchange student. As a matter of pride I will do my best to keep the document up to date and add any additional links or information that I come across.

  1. Before you leave Canada
  2. Your first few days in China
  3. Beijing - 北京
  4. Tsinghua - 清华大学
  5. Leaving China
  6. Web Resources
Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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