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Chris Kerluke, Marlene Lau, and myself at Halloween

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Chris Kerluke, Marlene Lau, and myself on Halloween

I usually like Halloween, but I really didn't want to go to this party. I was tired, my knee was killing me, I could hardly stand. None the less as an MBA Society presidential candidate I felt obligated to attend. The only presidential candidate not to attend the official MBA Halloween party at the Media Club was the guy who won, shows what I know about politics.

I'm not sure what Chris was suppose to be. Marlene supposedly had this outfit in the back of her closet. Perhaps from her hard rockin' days with Honeyrocket. She left before they played G n' R and AC/DC back to back, much to her disappointment. I was supposed to be corrupted by the Evil Powers of Rock n' Roll, but everyone kept thinking I was the Hulk. I did a better job with my face paint the year before in Japan. White is easier to work with than green. Next time I'm going to buy some real face paint and try to do red.

Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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