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Team Building

After the Pre-Core was a series of mandatory orientation events. One of the events was team building on a ropes course. My randomly assigned team included Mr. Steve Keller, who was often mistaken for me, even after us being in the program for months by the likes of Anne DeWolfe.

Steve Keller I dubbed the evil influence. I told Marlene while trying to explain indifference curves that I personally would benefit from more Marlene Lau and less Steve Keller, at least that is what I thought at the time. That wasn't my most famous example I came up with while trying to explain indifference curves to Marlene, and neither made it into my study guide for BAPA 500. One of many study guides I made for MBA classes which I provided to Marlene, my reading group, my teammates, generally any classmate who wanted it if I was able to. Of course "No good deed goes unpunished."

Speaking of good deeds, these photos were provided by Tracy Yang. I wasn't going to use them originally because they are at such a low resolution and not that flattering to me. I look particularly fat wearing the white t-shirt. Then when I did decide I was going to use them, I had deleted them off my laptop. Luckily I back up and was able to retrieve them using Retrospect when I returned to my mom's house.

Steve and I were paired up for the first time at this event. With our extra bulk we excelled at securing the ropes of other climbers. It should be noted the team of Darlene MacNeil, Fei Fei Liu, and Tracy Yang kicked all the guy's asses in scaling the rope ladder. Chris Kerluke gave it a valiant effort but their's was clearly the best team and the only one to get to the top.

Steve gives up on me after a few rungs

Steve and I strategically went last. We had more fun making quips from the bottom of the ladder. Plus we needed to give the girls extra time to make it all the way to the top, such chivalry. Neither Steve nor I are a big fan of heights. With all the problems I have with various joints it should be noted that Steve gave up on me! I was willing to reach down and try to lift him up even with a bad knee and shoulder/back. I don't recall how high we actually got but it wasn't very high at all.

Our Team Building Group

Our group, which is pictured on the right, consisted of the following people: The damn photo is small, maybe Tracy can confirm this using the original. Seated Left to Right: Aida Verdin, Karen Huang (?), Laura Gasparini, Darlene MacNeil, Sophia Yu, and Lucy Wang. Standing Left to Right: Steve Keller, Muskie McKay, Trevor Chorba, Ary Batista, Fred Lin, Eduardo Garza, Richard Wasylynchuk, Gabi Kabazo, Tracy Yang, and Ron Tanne.

Another Tracy Yang Anecdote

Tracy Yang at the Halloween Party

During a very hotly contested MBA Society student election, in which I failed spectacularly in my misguided bid for the presidency, with Keller as my campaign manager, I informed Tracy that I voted for her three times. She ultimately went on to become the VP Internal. It should be noted, for my personal safety, in case he decides to physically attack me again, that I also voted for Troy Kelly multiple times in his failed attempt to become VP External. I also don't want his girlfriend Cat Ratusny to write some sort of protest song either. Who would want to write a song about me?

As this seems to have become the Tracy Yang appreciation page, I should dig up a better picture of her and mention how she Marlene Lau, and Anni Cao have become something of a three thick chic chick clique. I better end this now as I'm starting to sound like one of those rap guys. And who understands those rap guys anyway?

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Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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